Dec 24, 2017

Rock'n'Roll Nightmare


Edited: Oct 7, 2018


Take Jon Mikl Thor and have him write, produce, and star in a metal music horror themed masterpiece? This sure isn't House of 1,000 Corpses, a feat I think only Rob Zombie could make. This is The Edge of HELL, which was the original (and still IN THE ACTUAL CUT as the title of Rock'n'Roll Nightmare!) . We follow Thors' metal band out into a remote ranch to record their next album. Complete with 80s cock-rock metal and some of the most hilarious monsters ever. All coming together for the most bizarre coma-inducing ending you could dream of. Truly ridiculous. Have fun!


{Attached is actually the full film. I couldn't even find a trailer for this direct-to-Canadian-video masterpiece}


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  • Oh wow, I saw this gem on El Rey during one of their all-sunday-all-fu-action-pack-tion-marathons. I love kung fu movies, a lot of people do, but this guy takes it to a new level. Brother/sister team up to revenge the death of their parents complete with matching magic swords with... mystical crystals? YES! Watch out though, the siblings go super-shiva. LOL. Amazing. Imagine if Naruto was turned into a live action feature.... This would be it. Enjoy.
  • A Roadhouse cash grab done 11 years after the iconic film. Here Billy Ray Cyrus will achy-breaky your soul as Radical Jack, an ex-CIA Navy SEAL operative? Wha? The town has a corruption problem with the Sheriff and local military into selling 'missiles' and 'guns'. Here enters Jack, to disrupt their evil plans, and hide under their beds. Add in several music performances and (of course) much of the soundtrack to Cyrus. So sit back, and have an awesome time!
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