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Los Angeles Metro Smile  Paul Jacob Evans #Leader.

A simple idea, now going viral. Just say "Thank you" to the drivers of LA's mass-transit. It's about having gratitude everyday. :)

Our People Because Everyone Matters!  Paul Jacob Evans #Leader.

Reshaping how people view the homeless and other disadvantaged in our communities. Because everyone matters!

Happy Food  All Animals Can Be Happy!  Paul Jacob Evans #Leader.

We should treat all animals with respect and kindness.  Even animals that might end up on a dinner plate.  Because everyone deserves happiness!

Gifting... Give something to another without expecation for anything in return.  Civic leadership is just the same, gifting to our society and the rest of humanity.  Even if it's helping just one person at a time.

I am... a Leader

Current Initiatives:

Paul Jacob Evans Los Angeles Actor Public Transit
East Valley YMCA
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