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Paul Jacob Evans - Bio

Paul Jacob Evans |  An Adventuring Storyteller to Genuine Weirdos, like Me

A Quick bio

Don't be fooled. My normal name belies some serious weird. I know – anyone who calls himself weird probably thinks mixing two types of coffee creamer is eccentric. I'll let you be the judge: I weld Texan smokers and build remote camera robots; it takes me two weeks to wash the dust off from my yearly trek to Burning Man; I've spent the night in a UK jail cell due to visa issues (or at least that's what I tell everyone) while touring with a J-pop metal band; and I insisted on changing into a suit and tie every day when I got home from kindergarten. Even I think that's weird.  


I started my professional career in Austin, Texas, at The Vortex Theater and appeared in nearly 50 locally-shot independent films, including my turn as an AD&D-playing wanna-be vampire hunter in the feature Nightlife. I fell in love with LA while visiting friends in Venice Beach, and relocated a few months later. Since arriving, my favorite roles include a redneck survivalist in the horror indie Prey for Us, a domestic terrorist in Code: LA opposite JLouis Mills, a Bad Grandpa on EPIX's DIY Effects, and a loving husband watching his wife succumb to cancer in With The Dawn


I attended the BFA program at Tarleton State University in my hometown of Stephenville, Texas.  Yes, that Stephenville. Officially, the “Cowboy Capital” of the world. Unofficially, the UFO sighting capital of the world. Maybe that explains everything. I currently study with Diana Castle and recently launched Number 3 Productions, which produced my directorial debut, The Garden, developed with a high school student from my hometown. I'm indulging my geek tech builder side in LEGO - Beyond The Instructions, a popular YouTube series with Erik Beck in which I trick out Lego sets to the edge of comprehension. 


When I'm not welding and weirding and Burning and building, I might be that normal guy in line next to you at Trader Joe's, on the hiking trail in Griffith Park, or sitting next to you at the newest Texan BBQ brisket destination. Don't be fooled.


--Paul Jacob Evans

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