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Paul Jacob Evans |  An Adventuring Storyteller to Genuine Weirdos, like Me

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I was with a friend at a coffee shop. Being kind of thirsty I reach over to grab a coconut water, which caused me to accidentally drop my wallet. "Oops" I say. Of course, it hits the ground square and all my cards pop out making for a minor inconvenience and pretty hilarious episode. I pick up everything and get back up, continuing my conversation. But my friend has changed their demeanor and wasn't really interested in talking too much anymore. They ended up needing to leave for work rather suddenly and ... well... "unexpectedly".


Later I found out what happened: A mutual friend of ours called me to explain everything, he let me know that myself and this other friend probably weren't going to be able to be friends anymore. I asked why, and he said she saw one of the cards I picked up and... well... She wasn't too happy about it. 

You know, it's probably something most of you don't know about me either. What was so offensive? Well, my National Rifle Association card no less. This story is about: ...a perspective, perhaps one that's new to you, coming from one of America's most hated villains: an NRA member.

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