Dec 17, 2017

The Room


Edited: Oct 7, 2018



Of course you have to mention the legend himself: Tommy Wiseau and his self-produced, self-written, self-directed, self-starring epic drama 'The Room'. Coming in with a story of lover's betrayal, true friendship, and all of the football-throwing-action you can handle. Pumped full of the best one-liners and insta-memes possible into a feature film. A must for anyone into good/bad cinema.










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  • The Godfather of good/bad cinema comes Ed Woods legendary feature. Strange timing, crazy editing, zero continuity, more reuses of same footage than you can shake a stick at? Oh Yeah! Add in a dash of opened up plot lines with no direction and you end up with a true masterpiece of misdirection.
  • A Neil Breen classic done total-Breen-style! So... Is this Neil Breen starring as himself if he were a mega-elite computer hacker hacking all of the government with magic powers granted to him by a gifted rock? Yes. it. is! Standard Breen-i-ness applies here: long open shots of Nevada desert, him hacking "just about all the information I need" from "all of the government!", gratuitous laptop destruction, and wait... he has magic powers!? A must watch.
  • I cannot begin to describe the joy you will have when you get into the creamy nougat center of this work. Not even getting to the plot, characters, or other basic things that come with filmmaking. Nope, the real joy in this will leave you spell-bound and hypnotized. You literally will not believe your eyes. So grab some clothes hangers and a shovel, you'll be scraping up jaws off of the floor after this one.