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Los Angeles Actor Seeks Scripts from Stephenville

Paul Jacob Evans | Script Contest

[Los Angeles, CA] Los Angeles based actor, Paul Jacob Evans, is seeking short film scripts written by the residents of Stephenville, Texas. As a former resident, Evans said it's his way to give back and allow local screenwriters an avenue to showcase their work. “It’s an opportunity I would have loved to have had back when I lived here," he said. "an opportunity to tell a story, and to see that story be told.” Evans said he was looking at producing short films for a festival run, when the idea came to him. “I was at the beach writing when it hit me, why not give people back home the chance I never had? I have access to produce these stories now, stories I had when I was back in Stephenville. I want to give someone that experience that I never had, give back to the community that helped raise me.” Script submissions will be accepted until midnight on July 4th and can be sent via email to []. All submissions must be under ten pages and in PDF or Celtx format. As far as content is concerned, Evans said he's open. "What I’m looking for is a deep story, how accessible the shoot would be, and I’d be looking at playing a lead role. I’m going to read these and at some point, one will really connect with me. That will be the one.” The writer selected will receive full writing credit and an invitation to any festival the film premieres at. About Paul Jacob Evans Now living in Los Angeles, award winning actor/producer Paul Jacob Evans is actively involved in multiple films across the country and theatrical productions in Los Angeles. Currently trains with master acting coach Alan Feinstein at the Alan Feinstein Acting Studio ( He has most recently played ‘Ryan’ in Lewis Black’s critically acclaimed “One Slight Hitch”, and is looking forward to working with award winning directors in Texas and Atlanta, and producing his own Hollywood films for festival runs. You can find out more about Paul Jacob Evans at his website (

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