Dec 17, 2017



Edited: Oct 7, 2018



Take David Hasselhoff and put him into a post Star Wars IV - A New Hope landscape. Done! Hand him a "lazer sword". Double-Done! With a $4M budget, and many many halts in shooting (money problems) American International Pictures finally decided not to release it after seeing the final cut. Thankfully New World Pictures picked it back up! We get to follow Prince Simon (the Hoff) Hoffing around a crazy plot line devoid of physics or any logical sense at all. But it's the-fucking-Hoff! And that makes this such an amazing adventure to watch.





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  • I loved watching HE-MAN growing up, one of my favorite cartoons as a kid. But then you take Dolph Lundgren and place him into a leading role and you end up with Masters of the Universe in it's live-action-i-ness? Sigh. First: Dolph. Second: The Locksmith. Third: REALLY?! You HAD to make them come to Earth? Why?!! Sigh. A scene with a cow? WHY?! Double sigh. You guys even added a sassy detective? Wow. It's a fun watch.
  • This franchise is amazing! Take equal parts shark and tornado and bake out a casserole of crazy nobody knew they wanted. It's delicious! And they've made FIVE of these gems, you even get a dash of the real Al Roker fighting a CGI shark. Every installment is a treat. And how do you stop a Sharknado? Well... Blow it up of course! It makes so much sense really. Love it.
  • It's the worst kind of badie: evil clowns! If that didn't scare you off yet then stick around for a real delight in some of the craziest horror/comedy jugglings possible. When they aren't eating your child, it's a 3 Stooges routine or a pie fight that melts you dead! How?! Why?! IT'S KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE!